In these pages is described the processing of personal data of the users of this website that are in contact via email or via any other telematic tools with our society.

MAX HOTELS S.r.l. is a society operating in the restaurant and hotel sectors holding the processing of personal data that the users leave while navigating on the website. According whit the GDPR n. 2016/679, MAX HOTELS S.r.l. guarantees that your personal data will be processed with respect for the rights, fundamental liberties and dignity of the interested party, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data.


MAX HOTELS S.r.l. will acquire informations on users of its website in the following ways:

1.      Navigation data: informatic system and software procedures driving the correct operation of this website acquire some personal data in their ordinary work, such as IP address, which browser is used, which operating system, the domain name and the sites from which they have accessed, informations about the visited pages, the hour, the stay-time on a page and the itinerary on the website. 
2.      Other data categories: it concerns all that personal data that one user gives while navigating on the website, for example registering or having access to a reserved area or participating to initiatives of MAX HOTELS S.r.l. itself or with other third companies, filling a contact form for the furniture of a service.


All data provided by interested parties are exclusively processed to fulfil obligations related to the company’s business and, in particular:

·        To provide the thing/service required by the user, managing the administrative, accounting, fiscal and legal tasks, for which a specific consent of the user is not necessary;
·        Measure the quality of the user-experience on our website and of our services, basing on a specific interest of the holder;
·        Send commercial communications and promotions making the interest of both the users and the holder. This requires a specific consent of the user;
·        Make some analysis and elaborating activity of informations of the user, its preferences, habits, consume choices and navigation experience. This requires a specific consent of the user, except for those elemental informations about his consume-preferences.


The owner of the personal data for processing purposes is MAX HOTELS S.r.l. If necessary for administrative purposes, the personal data of interested parties can also be communicated by the owner to operative partners, only for the subscribed contract. All personal informations are processed by technical staff held in Florence, Corso Italia n. 29.

For those subjects who intend to open a commercial relationship with our company, even if purely for the purpose of obtaining information about our activities/services, providing personal data is optional; however, a failure to provide the information could make it impossible to continue the relationship, conduct it properly or fulfil legal and even tax obligations. The data are kept at our company’s operating headquarters for the time required by civil and tax regulations.


The personal data is exclusively processed at the headquarters of MAX HOTELS S.r.l. using paper and computer media, using both the telephone and computers and even using automated equipment for the storage, handling and transmission of the data, taking every precaution to guarantee its security and confidentiality.


The interested party has the right to know whether or not personal data about him exists, even if not yet recorded, and to receive a copy in intelligible form.

The interested party also has the right to know:

·        Access to his personal data, knowing its origin, the purpose and methods of its processing, the logic applied, the contact information of the owner and the subjects or categories to whom the personal data may be communicated;
·        Correction or integration of the data, if uncorrect;
·        Cancellation, transformation or blockage of data, if not longer necessary or in case of illicit treatment, violation of the law or controversies;
·        Limitation in the data processing, if one of the conditions expressed in the art. 18 of the GDPR occurs;
·        Opposition to the data processing that regards him, even though pertinent to the purpose for which it was gathered, for legitimate reasons.

The above rights may be exercised by an informal request to the owner, or one of the managers, even through an agent, and will be acknowledged without delay. A request may be sent to the owner or manager via registered letter, fax or e-mail. According to the art. 7, the interested part has the right to know whether or not personal data about him exists, even if not yet recorded, and to receive a copy in intelligible form of the data updates, corrected or, when there is an interest, supplemented.


MAX HOTELS S.r.l. will process personal data in the respect of the privacy and security of the interested part, according to the actual law.